1) Directs coordinates firefighting activities of battalion of fire companies in municipality

2) Determines plan of action of fire companies for answering calls in fire, salvage and rescue operations

3) Directs inspections of commercial buildings to make sure compliance with fire safety regulations

4) Enters fire site during fires to coordinate supervise fire fighting activities of companies on-site, and reports events to superior, using portable two-way radio

5) Plans for purchase of new equipment use of new techniques in rescue, first aid, and firefighting operations

6) Directs personnel in use of firefighting equipment

7) Inspects fire stations, equipment, personnel, and records of assigned companies to make sure efficiency enforcement of departmental regulations

8) Recommends awards for personnel for superior service

9) Prepares reports of accidents involving equipment personnel

10) Keeps equipment personnel records

11) May direct investigation of causes of incendiary arson cases

12) May determine cause of fire and appraise amount of fire loss to building other property

13) May promote fire prevention activities by organizing training fire brigades in industrial plants.

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