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Describe "Furniture Mover" job duties, roles and responsibilities
Tasks listed Below with "Furniture Mover" job description duties


Describe the "Furniture Mover" job skills and abilities required


  • Assists Van Driver in loading unloading moving van

  • Wraps dishes and fragile items in paper or corrugated cardboard packs them in barrels

  • Rolls up rugs, removes pictures from walls and loads furniture into van

  • Arranges articles in truck to form compact load, using ropes and padding to secure goods prevent breakage

  • Performs other duties as described under Helper any industry Master Title.

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Job Descriptions Samples From Posted Resumes:

  • Job Summary Sample#1 » Interior Furniture Designer:

    I have 26 years old, finished applied arts from the faculty of applied arts, finished training as autocad2d autocad3d 3dmax v ray photoshop icdl, worked as interior furniture designer:

      Planning, designing for creating a pleasing and functional interior environment of residential buildings, designing furniture modern, classic suitable with requirements of the clients, converting final sketches into d models using d max program, confer with client to determine factors affecting planning interior environments, such as budget, architectural preferences, and purpose and function, advise client on interior design factors, such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings and equipment, and color coordination.

  • Job Summary Sample#2 » Furniture Designer:

    I have 36 years old, finished training as interior diploma, interior diploma, worked as furniture designer:

      Designing the customized furniture in the large projects drawing, presentation and quotation, attended various exhibitions along the year, responsible for the customized furniture for the showroom clients to maintain clients records drawing, presentation and quotation, share i projects some known as, la bodega restaurant, ashraf zaki office for trading in securities, forty west compound sodic, eklego design showroom at designoplise, and other projects.

  • Job Summary Sample#3 » Furniture And Interior Designer:

    I have 41 years old, finished fine arts from the faculty of fine arts, finished training as human development course 2004, english courses, worked as furniture and interior designer:

      Conceptual and detailed design for, miscellaneous furniture items hotel furniture office furniture house furniture, marble units with all kinds stairs floors columns fountains etc, architectural elements doors windows ceilings and floors etc, al guar tower project saudi arabia, interior design for several mosques, sheikh ahmed basamirs villa florida, u.s, qatar embassy florida, laguna village in sharm el sheikh, windsor resort in sharm el sheikh.

  • Job Summary Sample#4 » Wood And Steel For Office Furniture:

    I have 28 years old, finished applied arts from the faculty of applied arts, finished training as marketing diploma, e marketing diploma, 3d max, auto cade 2d 3d , adobe photoshop cs4, illustrator cs4, indesign cs3, worked as wood and steel for office furniture:

      Analyze documentation to prepare time, cost, materials, and labor estimates, estimate material requirements and costs, and present design to client for approval, provide technical design assistance to customers in product applications, collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements, to promote the sale of company products, and to provide sales support, prepare and deliver technical presentations that explain products or services to customers and prospective customers, advise client on design factors.

  • Job Summary Sample#5 » Researcher:

    I have 35 years old, finished economics political sciences from the faculty of politics and economy, got a mba in international public administration, finished training as comprehending european egyptian association agreement, rules of origin, e government, government procurement, commercial diplomacy, the foundations and mechanics of technical report writing, macroeconomic policies, human rights, awareness of environmental issues, climate changes, worked as researcher:

      Analyzing global and local economic issues, o compile relevant data and information required for assigned paper study, o attend the ministry committees meetings to compile information and draft position papers on key business economic issues as needed, o conduct interviews with private sector and other government officials to complement compiled data information and improve quality of studies and position papers, o compile translate news articles for ministry bulletins and periodicals and revising international trade agreements and its effect on trade policy in u.s, o respond to business inquiries, o submit final written drafts of work to research supervisor for review and feedback.

  • Job Summary Sample#6 » Marketing Executive:

    I have 33 years old, finished b.a arts from the faculty of arts, got a auc in translation, worked as marketing executive:

      Develop ideas create activities for direct marketing to major target markets promoting the destination, in charge of planning purchasing of promotional merchandise, respond to follow up on online enquiries, planning and organizing exhibitions and conferences, starting from its equipments ending to its advertisements, assisting in marketing sector annual planning, projects scheduling and regular reporting.

  • Job Summary Sample#7 » Marketing Researcher Media Consultancy:

    I have 30 years old, finished commerce from the faculty of commerce, finished training as certified international trade marketing specialist, international computer driving license icdl, effective communications and human relations, sales advantage, writing for results proposal writing, customer service, business ethics, business management, negotiating, worked as marketing researcher media consultancy:

      Tasks, doing a framework for research objectives, collecting relevant data information to the research objective, filtering refining collected findings, reporting the output, matching the finding in the general research document, experience, exposure to cover culture dimensions patterns, competitive benchmarking analysis, international project satellite channel, regional project tv program, other kids related media projects.

  • Job Summary Sample#8 » Financial Manager:

    I have 45 years old, finished commerce from the faculty of commerce, got a cma in managment accounting, finished training as diploma in english for business , worked as financial manager:

      Supervision of all accounting procedures and the recording in all accounting books by the accountants accountants, keeping the parallel recording in the manual books as long as with the software program, preparing and following up monthly cash flows for the company, tracking the store and cash transactions through weekly reports, preparing the company budget and comparing it quarterly with the actual achievement, preparing and supervising the preparation of the balance sheet and final accounts, preparing financial reports and analysis, and calculation of the profitability of each project through costing system.

  • Job Summary Sample#9 » Marketing Assistant:

    I have 42 years old, finished b.a arts from the faculty of arts, got a mba in business management, finished training as presentation skills, six sigma, communications skills, smart selling, interviewing associates, worked as marketing assistant:

      Coordinating vip visits, schedules accommodation worldwide, n assisting director of marketing in preparing and monitoring the, in out correspondence related to the accounts contracts, direct mail, campaigns, questionnaires, etc, n booking, organizing and communicating all concerned about the, monthly meetings, n taking minutes of the marketing monthly meeting and distribute it to, all concerned, n coordinating pr activities with tourism offices or corporate, companies in u.s or worldwide organizing special targeted media, events contributing promotional strategy for rollout of new events, lines, n organizing and coordinating annual fundraising dinner spear headed, targeted pr outreach program for special market segments, n establishing contacts with publishers and editors, n writing press releases, n coordinating development of design and copy for all promotional and, collateral materials, n managing company phones, messaging system and express mail, n facilitating all communications with clients phone, fax, e mail and, routine correspondence, n integrating department activities with billing, creative and, administrative offices, n preparing promotional kits, providing merchandising and marketing, support to sales managers, compiling and reviewing sales data, n compiling daily and circulating the monthly newspaper and, magazines clippings for the marketing communications report and, internal circulation, n assisting the marketing communications manager issue rooms and, food beverages gift certificates on time and with the approval of, the general manager or director of marketing and keep track of these, certificates, n assisting the marketing communications manager control hotel, collateral supplies related to public relations and business, development and raise necessary purchase order, n ensuring an adequate supply of press kits at all times, n keeping a record of transparencies, color separations, art works and, other hotels collaterals, n coordinating the timely distribution of press releases to local and, international press, n monitoring hotels promotional cds containing high resolution visuals, and documentary movie monthly, ensuring adequate supply for travel, agents and media requests, n ensuring an accurate and effective communications database, n maintaining a daily and monthly attendance sheet of all office, members, n preparing and monitoring purchase requests in liaison with the hotel, for office supplies ensuring a cost effective way of keeping stock of, all needed items stationary, printing materials, office supplies, etc, n maintaining contact lists for any technical needed support for the, office pabx, computer it problems, maintenance of fax, photocopy, machine, etc with complete awareness and handling of all related, contracts and duration of maintenance support of all office equipment, n full control of office petty cash preparing monthly expenses report for, the office accompanied with the supporting receipts, n coordinating all travel related needs for all office members, ticketing, meet and assist, hotels booking, visa applications, etc, inside or outside u.s.

  • Job Summary Sample#10 » Excusive Secretary:

    I have 30 years old, finished journalism mass comm from the faculty of mass media, finished training as graphics diploma, worked as excusive secretary:

      Responsibilities manage and maintain schedule, read and analyze incoming memos, submissions, and reports in order to determine their significance and plan their distribution, open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email file and retrieve documents, records, and reports, prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquires, prepare agendas and make arrangements for meetings, make travel arrangements for, compile, transcribe, and distribute minutes for meetings, attend meetings in order to record minutes, perform other related work as needed.

Other Related Descriptions

  • Furniture mover Driver Job Description:

      Loads furniture into van, drives truck to specified destination, and also unloads furniture; Drives van to loading point consults householder on furniture to be moved; Gives directions to Van-Driver Helper (motor trans.) in moving articles to van; Wraps furniture with blankets to prevent damage; Wraps dishes as well as fragile items in packing paper packs them into containers; Loads truck, using dollies handtruck, distributing weight evenly, forming compact load, and also utilizing space; Drives van to destination unloads cargo; Obtains customers signature or collects payment for services; May service van [Gas-And-Oil Servicer (motor trans.)]; May remove window frames as well as erect block tackle on house to remove bulky items; May move delicate equipment or instruments for industrial firms; May deliver items like furniture as well as large appliances to department store customers be designated Bulk Driver (motor trans.).

  • Furniture Restorer Job Description:

      Restores as well as preserves historical furniture in collection of museum or similar institution, using variety of handtools plus power tools and applying knowledge of antique fabrics wood furniture; Examines furnishings to define type of material, extent of deterioration or damage, or date of construction to verify authenticity plan restoration; Sets up operates variety of woodworking machines to fabricate, repair, reinforce and additionally replace parts of furniture; Cuts, shapes, and also attaches parts according to blueprints or drawings, using handtools; Matches materials for color, grain, and also texture; Strips old finish from furnishings, using solvents abrasives; Fills cracks, depressions, and also other blemishes, using plastic wood or lacquer stick; Treats warped or stained surfaces to restore original contour color; Glues or replaces veneer sections; Smooths surfaces, using power sander or abrasive material; Washes or bleaches furniture surfaces to prepare surface for application of finish; Selects coatings, like stain, lacquer, or varnish according to type wood, and also brushes or sprays material onto surface to protect surface produce desired appearance; Polishes, sprays, or waxes finished pieces; Removes damaged or deteriorated coverings from upholstered furniture; Repairs, reinforces, or replaces components, like springs, webbing, and also padding; Selects fabric for new covering, using knowledge of period style of furniture or following instructions of Curator (museums) 102.017-010; Tacks, sews, glues, or staples covering to furniture frame to attach upholstery; Refurbishes leather coverings of furnishings, using softeners, solvents, adhesives, stains, or polishes; Replaces damaged coverings with leather pieces of appropriate color, grain, and also weight; Stencils, gilds, embosses, or paints designs or borders on restored pieces to reproduce original appearance; May advise curatorial staff on environmental conditions necessary for preservation of furnishings in exhibit storage areas; May fabricate replicas of period furniture for use in exhibits; May be designated according to specialty as Finish Specialist (museums); Upholstery Restorer (museums).

  • Furniture Refinisher Job Description:

      Finishes or refinishes damaged, worn, or used furniture or new high-grade furniture to specified color or finish, utilizing knowledge of wood properties, finishes, and also furniture styling; Disassembles article, masks areas adjacent to areas being finished, or removes accessories like knobs hinges, using handtools, to prepare article for finishing; Removes old finish from surfaces, using steel wool, sandpaper, or solvent putty knife; Removes excess solvent with cloth immersed in paint thinner or sal soda; Applies plastic-putty, wood putty, or lacquer-stick to surface, using spatula or knife, to fill nicks, depressions, holes, and also cracks; Smooths surface for finishing, using sandpaper or power sander; Selects finish ingredients mixes them by hand or machine to obtain specified color or shade or to match existing finish; Brushes or sprays successive coats of stain, varnish, shellac, lacquer, or paint on workpiece; Grains wood or paints wood trim, using graining roller, comb, sponge, or brush; Polishes waxes finished surfaces; May restore wood to natural color, using bleaching acid neutralizer; May spread graining ink over metal portions of surfaces with cheesecloth to simulate wood-grainlike finish; May finish piano as well as organ cases be designated Piano-And-Organ Refinisher (woodworking); May finish mirror as well as picture frames be designated according to type of finish applied as Powder Gilder (wood prod., nec); Whitener (wood prod., nec); May finish television receiver cabinets be designated Television-Cabinet Finisher (woodworking); May finish wooden parts of custom-made firearms be designated Finisher, Special Stocks (ordnance); May stain as well as finish surfaces of new furniture pieces to simulate antiques, bringing out highlights shadings by rubbing surfaces with abrasives or cloth, and also be designated Antiquer (furniture).

  • Furniture Designer Job Description:

      Designs furniture for manufacture, according to knowledge of design trends, offerings of competition, production costs, capability of production facilities, and also characteristics of companys market; Confers with production, design plus sales personnel to obtain design suggestions customer orders; Evaluates orders proposals for defining feasibility of producing item; Sketches freehand design of article; Obtains approval from customer, design committee, or authorized company officials, and also originates scale or full size drawing, using drawing instruments; Prepares itemized production requirements to produce item; Traces drawing on material for use in production of blueprints, using drawing instruments; Prepares or directs preparation of blueprints containing manufacturing specifications, like dimensions, kind of wood, and also upholstery fabrics to be used in manufacturing article; Attends staff conference with plant personnel to explain resolve production requirements; May design prepare detailed drawings of jigs, fixtures, forms, or tools required to be used in production; May plan modifications for completed furniture to conform to changes in design trends increase customer acceptance; May design custom pieces or styles according to specific period or country; May build or oversee construction of models or prototypes; May design fixtures as well as equipment, like counters display cases, and also be designated Fixture Designer (furniture).

  • Remover Job Description:

      Tends machine that smooths or roughens shoe parts by either of following methods; (1) Holds plus presses part against abrasive cylinder that polishes & sands part or against wire roughing wheel to clean prepare part for cementing; (2) Feeds sole between rubber presser roller abrasive-covered roller that roughens part for cementing; May feed part into trimming cutter to trim part; May tape parts to protect masked areas during buffing or inking; May grind off rough surfaces from hair side of hides as well as be designated Hide Buffer (boot shoe); May be designated according to part buffed, roughened, or sanded as Box-Toe Buffer (boot shoe); May be designated according to type of material brushed or sanded as Crepe-Sole Scourer (boot as well as shoe); Crepe-Sole Wire Brusher (boot shoe); May be designated according to purpose for which part is roughened as Rougher For Cement (boot shoe); Bottom Buffer (boot as well as shoe); Breast Buffer (boot plus shoe); Channel Rougher (boot and shoe); Counter Buffer (boot & shoe); Heel Buffer (boot & shoe); Heel-Emery Buffer (boot & shoe); Heel Sander, Rubber (boot & shoe); Heel-Seat Sander (boot & shoe); Heel Slicker (boot & shoe); Insole Buffer (boot & shoe); Insole Sander (boot & shoe); Joint Sander (boot & shoe); Shank Sander (boot & shoe); Sole Buffer (boot & shoe); Sole Rougher (boot & shoe); Top-Lift Scourer (boot & shoe); Welt Rougher (boot shoe).

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