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116 S. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 || C: (323)937-3931


  • Greet customers with a smile a helpful attitude

  • Carefully listen to the customer with regard to request or issue

  • Promptly arrange for vehicle service or repair action

  • Develop a repair estimate based upon the technician diagnosis

  • Monitor service/repair action inform customer of progress

  • Generate invoices handle payment transactions cash point-of-sale or electronic payment media

  • Perform customer follow-up courtesy call to make sure delivery met expectations

  • Perform marketing activities like networking calling upon businesses for fleet servicing and promotions to existing new clientele

  • Assist shop management in maintaining appropriate inventory levels including the purchase of parts materials

  • Three years of working experience as Retail Assistant Manager
  • Use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Talk to others to convey information effectively
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  • Assistant Manager Resume Job Description:

      Hold the store team as well as themselves accountable to achieving all brand performance behavior standards; Lead a customer service culture by recognizing rewarding team; Build effective relationships with peer upper management partners; Participate in productive management team meetings; Proactively seek personal learning development opportunities; Recruit top management sales talent for the store to include maintaining optimal staffing levels; Develop sales team in all areas of job responsibility; Consistently assess provide ongoing performance feedback to all levels of store team; Recognize performance issues in a timely manner partner with store manager to develop action plans for resolution; Ensure that all visual directives are executed seamlessly as well as within scheduled time frame allotted payroll budget; Execute strategic brand appropriate merchandising to maximize sales presentation standards; Partner in stores execution of all merchandise processing flow to the floor in conjunction with exceptional backroom standards; Partner with store manager in the execution of the store business plan that drive kpi results maximizes business opportunities; Achieve predetermined financial budgets to include payroll management; Drive brand loyalty through demonstrating sales leadership coaching connecting with the customer experience; Achieve store shrink goals maintain all operational standards to secure the assets of the stores physical location.

  • Retail Assistant Resume Job Description:

      Ensure all customer issues are handled in a timely professional manner; Oversee stockroom standards for making sure all compliance issues are maintained; Responsible to communicate & negotiates with merchants vendors; Work with department manager to make sure all goals are met; Ensure All new receipts are checked in against invoice; Responsible for floor merchandising; Perform additional tasks as required.

  • Syrup mixer Assistant Resume Job Description:

      Empties sacks of ingredients, like cane beet sugar, into mixing vats preparatory to making table syrups; Carries containers & materials cleans vats, using steam hose, as instructed by Syrup Mixer (grain-feed mills).

  • Assistant Refinery Operator Resume Job Description:

      Controls semiautomatic refinery equipment to convert starch into liquid sugars concentrate sugars to specific density; Controls pumps flow of materials through converters, neutralizers & evaporators, as instructed; Operates equipment manually during breakdowns [Converter Operator (grain-feed mills); Neutralizer (grain-feed mills)]; Observes instruments to detect equipment malfunctions reports readings to Refinery Operator (grain-feed mills); Observes equipment to detect correct fluid leakage or spillage; Tests sample of product to verify specific gravity, acid strength, & filtration, using hydrometer other standard test equipment; Adds acids or alkalies to neutralize converted sugar liquors, & verifies concentration, using pH meter.

  • Hog confinement system Manager Resume Job Description:

      Breeds raises swine in confinement buildings for purpose of selling pork to meatpacking establishments; Selects breeds swine according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, characteristics & offspring desired; Regulates breeding of sow herd to produce maximum number of litters; Attends sows during farrowing as well as helps baby pigs to survive birth infancy; Notches ears to identify animals; Determines weaning dates for pigs based on factors like condition of sows, cost of feed, & available space in nursery; Vaccinates swine for disease as well as administers antibiotics & iron supplements, using syringes hypodermic needles; Formulates rations for swine according to nutritional needs of animals as well as cost availability of feeds; Grinds as well as mixes feed adds supplements to satisfy dietary requirements; Stores as well as periodically examines feeds to make sure maintenance of appropriate temperatures moisture levels; Operates water foggers, air-conditioners, fans, & heaters to maintain optimal temperature in swine confinement buildings; Flushes hog wastes into holding pit; Repairs as well as maintains machinery, plumbing, physical structures, & electrical wiring fixtures in swine farrowing, nursery, & finishing buildings; May hire supervise worker to assist in swine production activities.

Job Descriptions Samples From Posted Resumes:

  • Job Summary Sample#1 » Hr Assistant Manager:

    She Has 33 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commerce, got a Advanced Diploma in Business Management, Finished Training as ICDL, worked as Hr Assistant Manager:

      As h r assistant manager, i was responsible in coordinating all human resource administrative procedures and documentation processes, recruitment, interviewing and orientation of new joiness, responsible for the appraisal system and performance management, responsible for staff accommodation and administration, coordinating with the pro sr finance manager of the company for the generation of employment contracts, responsible for ensuring the hr activities at all locations are taken care of without any delay, grievance handling, maintain the attendance of the employees and overtime calculation for payroll processing, coordinating with various location coordinators for contract renewal procedures as prescribed by us labor law, generating transfers and promotion letters, to coordinate with the travel agents for the ticketing arrangement and hotel booking of the employees and guests, to arrange managers presentations,trainings schedule and staff parties.

  • Job Summary Sample#2 » Assistant Manager:

    She Has 29 Years Old, Finished Masters From The Faculty of Mslu, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Developed and improved relationships with key clients and media representatives in russia, coordinated networking and promotional events, media and budget planning, cooperated with pr consultants and media in order to maintain companys image and build higher brand equity in russia, provided suggestions and recommendations during strategic planning sessions and business development initiatives in russia, developed and proposed improvements that were officially recognized and approved by board of directors in germany, managed companys participation at metalbuild, garagebuildexpo, mosbuild, and consulted potential partners at those events, arranged official visits, translated and corrected magazine articles and marketing materials.

  • Job Summary Sample#3 » Assistant Manager:

    He Has 33 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Medicine From The Faculty of Commerce, Finished Training as English Course, Safety Induction, Safety Values, General Safety, Rig Mathematics, Basic Drilling Practice, Rigging, Lifting Working at Heights, Stop for Safety Supervisor Level, Advanced Drilling Practice, Safety Management, IWCF Driller Level March 2009, IWCF Driller Level March 2011, 2d Diploma Photoshop Freehand Coraldraw, 3d max, Microsoft Office, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Working on a motel ship,on a weekly program tour for tourists from luxor to aswan back to luxor, reponsibilities, o responsible for motel ships safety,mechanically physically, o supervising daily operations performance of the staff, o immediate problem solving for difficulties faced by the guests, o handling appointments visits for more than tour programs, o serving up to tour guests responding to their needs, o ensuring programs are accomplished up to the standard, o responsible for the attendance of more than persons.

  • Job Summary Sample#4 » Assistant Manager:

    She Has 32 Years Old, Finished BBA From The Faculty of Commerce, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Co managing in all areas of customer relations, sales generation and reporting, banking, staff training and supervision, provided support to the general manager, served as the major supervisor of the workplace, managed all administrative work as well as monitoring the office daily activities, delegated tasks to employees under their command and when the manager is not present in order to continue the operations of the workplace, handled general administrative duties, interacted with clients and utilized excellent organizational skills to communicate their messages, complaints and inquiries to the department.

  • Job Summary Sample#5 » Hr Assistant Manager:

    He Has 37 Years Old, Finished B.A Law From The Faculty of Law, Finished Training as Basic Business Skills Acquisition Program BBSA, Pathways to Higher Education PHE, worked as Hr Assistant Manager:

      Responsible for the application of the labor law and implementing its regulations to workers, o conduct administrative investigations with the workers and the signing of disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the regulations of the penal law work, o handel the hiring process for all workers and carry out their files and documentations, o responsible for social and health insurance for all workers, according to the law of social insurance, o preparation of monthly payroll, o working on iso standards required under the qiz agreement manufacture and export of readymade garments administrative and industrial safety.

  • Job Summary Sample#6 » Assistant Manager:

    She Has 32 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Economics Political Sciences From The Faculty of Commerce, got a IBM certifiedWeb Sphere E Commerce in Information Technology, Finished Training as Soft Skills, English TOEFEL, Web Development Using JAVA technology Professional Training, worked as Assistant Manager:

      This is the family business, and during my work period there i worked at the it department and the accounting department as they were linked together through an accounting system i helped developing it myself, also online marketing and researches were part of my job because the agency was at a developing phase, and there were limited number of employees then by the time i left, i was in charge of both departments plus our work with the airline companies at the florida international airport cai the job involved dealing with employees, customers partner companies.

  • Job Summary Sample#7 » Assistant Manager:

    She Has 37 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commerce, got a CFM in Finance, Finished Training as IFRS International financial reporting stadards, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Accountant for many multinational local companies, posting, managing and controlling the companys books accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank accounts, fixed assets and general ledger, managing cash efficiently, prepare monthly financial reports, analyze companies accounts and prepare accounts reconciliation, supervise guide staff in the process of posting controlling companies accounts, companies worked for, al bashaier telecom telecom holding co, hp u.s computer hardware software, tenaris global services petroleum equipment, philip morris u.s cigarets distributors, fraport ag u.s branch florida airport management company, concord investment mutual fund management, swiss u.s portfolio management, special assignment for financial analysis in danone u.s olait yoghurt previously.

  • Job Summary Sample#8 » Assistant Manager:

    He Has 35 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Pharmacy From The Faculty of Pharmacy, Finished Training as IBusiness Acumen Course Certificate, Pain Management Traineeship Program, Diabetes Patient Care Traineeship Program, Concepts in Clinical Pharmacokinetics 4th Edition, Critical Care Traineeship Program, Psychiatric Pharmacy Recertification Program, Oncology Patient Care Traineeship Program, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Directs and coordinates the sales team to ensure increased sales and meeting targets, ii directs and coordinates the technical team to ensure availability and continuous support for problem serving, iii put and apply the yearly business plan as per top management instructions, iv coordinate with suppliers and ensure continuous customer satisfaction, conduct reports on monthly basis to top management and ensure the application of the business plan, vi be a good resource for my employees to back them up and provide relevant support, vii conduct the needed research to improve the business and increase its turnover.

  • Job Summary Sample#9 » Hr Assistant Manager:

    She Has 35 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commerce, got a MBA in Business, worked as Hr Assistant Manager:

      Includes keep tracking employees performance, attendance, recruitment, payroll activities which includes set benefits salaries in regard of the qualifications of each employee, evaluate employees performance determine their capabilities to the needed job and if they meet targeted goals, then according to the evaluation, distribute tasks appropriately, responsible for preparing interviews to job required, recruits, interviews, tests, and selects employees to fill vacant positions, plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster positive attitude, toward company goals, trains management in interviewing, hiring, terminations, promotions, performance review, and safety, advises management in appropriate resolution of employee relations issues.

  • Job Summary Sample#10 » Assistant Manager:

    She Has 38 Years Old, Finished Training as Accounting and Payroll, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Maintain and perform all cash bar responsibilities purchase processing, cash balance, bank deposits, developing and maintaining a client base of and gained new clients by identifying opportunities, sustaining loyalty through continuous communication and personalized attention, achieving an expert level of product and service knowledge, meeting and exceeding all sales goals and targets, giving styling advice and suggestions to clients based on their styling profiles, maintain stockroom and inventory shipment, ensure that display merchandise is set up according to specifications, uphold security awareness to reduce and eliminate loss through effective prevention, prepared and arranged product location and transfers, open and close store.

  • Job Summary Sample#11 » Assistant Manager:

    He Has 43 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commerce, Finished Training as Certificate Treasury Professional, Change Management, Finance Assets Conversion Cycle, Cash Flow Analysis, Finance of working capital requirements for business customers, Egyptian Accounting Standards EAS , Modern Method for Discovering the Counterfeits Forgeries, worked as Assistant Manager:

      Worked for export development bank of u.s in the following positions, i was assistant manager and at the beginning i started to work in credit marketing and i was in charge of, make good relationships with new customers and marketing our product, obtaining new credit requests from customers and compare them in line with credit strategy and portfolio guide, analyze balance sheet for credit request and propose facility structure, recovery on problem loans and facilities through recommending restructuring and liquidation options, in i was nominated the assistant manager of the year, in, i was responsible for the duties of the branch assistant manager for credit auditor and following up the credit facilities execution i became member in the committee of granting and renewing the credit facilities at the branch.

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