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EXPERIENCE Company ......; From ..... To ......; Worked as Supervisor:

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116 S. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 || C: (323)937-3931


  • Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting boxes of packaged chewing gum, wrapping boxes in cellophane, packing boxes in cartons, or unwrapping packages of defective gum

  • Train new employees evaluates work performance

  • Perform duties as described under Supervisor any industry Master Title

  • May be designated according to process as Supervisor, Inspection Room sugar and conf. , Supervisor, Unwrapping Room sugar and conf. , Supervisor, Wrapping Room sugar conf. .

  • Three years of working experience as Supervisor
  • Use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
  • Talk to others to convey information effectively
  • Consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one
  • Identify complex problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Manage own time and the time of others
  • Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, organization rules, and the democratic political process
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences
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Other Related Descriptions

  • Supervisor Resume Job Description:

      Supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning, racking, plating, & polishing of metal or plastic objects; Selects equipment, like hooks, plating barrels or tanks & racks, according to quantity, size & type of objects to be plated; Verifies types of plating metals solutions, length of immersion period and additionally amount of electric current flowing through solutions, following plating specifications; Assigns tasks to workers as well as processes paperwork, like timecards & supply, production personnel reports; Resolves personnel problems as well as expedites production bottlenecks to meet deadlines production schedules; Inspects plated surfaces of objects to detect defects, like rough spots, thin plating, & unpolished areas; Collects labels samples of plating solutions for laboratory analysis; Examines equipment, like plating tanks, polishers, & racks, & notifies maintenance department of needed repairs; May analyze plating solutions to verify conformance to specifications, performing variety of tests, like specific gravity titration tests; May measure thickness of plating on metal objects, using micrometer, to verify conformance to specifications; May be designated according to specific process supervised as Supervisor, Anodizing (electroplating); Supervisor, Electrolytic Tinning (nonfer; Performs other duties as described under Supervisor (any industry) Master Title.

Job Descriptions Samples From Posted Resumes:

  • Job Summary Sample#1 » Supervisor:

    She Has 28 Years Old, worked as Supervisor:

      Leadership and organizational skills, customer service, problem solving and interpersonal communications, excellent time management skills, communication skills, stellar performance reviews every year and awards for management, i believe that this non teaching experience gives me a real grasp of people skills, as the responsibilities of a, teacher extend beyond the classroom ensuring parental involvement in the educational experience is so, valuable and important to me i also work well with others and would be able to maintain professional, relationships with other teachers and staff organizational skills are valuable in the classroom, as is good, time management.

  • Job Summary Sample#2 » Supervisor:

    She Has 34 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Economics Political Sciences, Finished Training as many courses in banking field, worked as Supervisor:

      Worked in main departments in that bank, worked in customer service internal operation department, as i was responsible to meet bank customers open all types of accounts excute customers standing orders follow up their accounts, then i worked in credit department,corporate division in the same bank, as i was responsible to make credit studies for corporates which need loans from our bank,financial analysis for their balance sheet,make some important ratios required for credit study like leverage ratios,liquidity ratios,risk ratios.

  • Job Summary Sample#3 » Supervisor:

    He Has 32 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Computer Science From The Faculty of Computer and information, got a M Sc in system information, Finished Training as handling customers proplems salling, worked as Supervisor:

      Ensure attractive in store display of products merchandising, service management ensure excellence levels of service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, responsible of stuff training regarding the new products to increase product knowledge to achieve better sales results as well as customer satisfaction, handle customers inquires completely and accurately, installing programs package within and after sale service software maintenance, selling all brands of laptops, computer accessories, network solutions, modify the features of the laptops and accessories, printing shelve labels bar code for all section items, checking stock daily sales, returning any defected items to vendor, merchandising all section products per categories, prices features, announcing new promotions, organize promotions area updating store manager with feed back, providing training for new sales representatives.

  • Job Summary Sample#4 » Supervisor:

    He Has 18 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commerce, got a course work only in oil and gas accounting, worked as Supervisor:

      Job responsibilities use operational processes and standards to deliver hospitality, quality of products, service, and customer satisfaction, operate sales processing program using pos system point of sales program, sales forecasting using my knowledge of inventory supply and demand first in, first out and product placement, lead the department in the absence of the general manager, labor scheduling, giving instruction to staff by implementing the in store training system, control department compliance to meet audit requirements, cash controls and cash deposits, coach team members, delegate tasks, and conduct meetings, prepare for and communicate marketing initiatives and new product launches, auditing.

  • Job Summary Sample#5 » Supervisor:

    He Has 33 Years Old, Finished Training as Skills Acquisition BBSA, World Class Customer service, High Performance Teams, worked as Supervisor:

      Worked as cashier then a supervisor in k f c, cashier, o receiving and greeting the customers in the most formal yet friendly manner, o taking orders, revising them, suggestive selling, o applaing the champs method in providing the service, team supervisor, o shift hand over, confirming the stock reserve for covering the expected sales, o submitting the purchasing request for fulfilling the required supplies, o documentation of the applied policy, o customer care and resolving of problems if any, o ensuring the quality level of the procedures followed in all departments.

  • Job Summary Sample#6 » Supervisor:

    He Has 37 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commercial studies 4 years, got a X Certified Internal Auditor, CIA in Internal Audit, Finished Training as Risk and control self assessment, Core compliance Training, Egyptian accounting standards, Egyptian Auditing standards, Business audit approach, Case ware audit approach, Audit Command Language ACL, worked as Supervisor:

      Enterprise risk services, in charge of various external audit engagements for major local and multinational companies in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, banks, oil gas services, hotels and leisure, in charge of various contract audit services for major multinational hotel chains in us and in africa, in charge of several internal audit assignments in different industries, including manufacturing, financial institution, telecommunication and hospitality, in charge of fraud investigation assignment in many multi national companies, part of the audit team in several due diligence assignments.

  • Job Summary Sample#7 » Supervisor:

    She Has 43 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Commerce From The Faculty of Commercial studies 4 years, worked as Supervisor:

      Arranging marketing for outgoing trips, reserving hotels with best rates, arranging for air reservations with the best connections, settle financial operations, producing offers for customers, preparing mailing lists, getting requirements of reservations, individual international hotels reservation, gathering information from airlines and hotels reproducing it to all accounts and customers on monthly basis, updating information from airlines and hotels, reproducing it in the form of monthly magazine, distribute it to all our accounts and customers, produce offers to acquire new customers.

  • Job Summary Sample#8 » Supervisor:

    She Has 32 Years Old, Finished B.A Arts, worked as Supervisor:

      Provided a safe, stimulating educational environment for children age years old by, made education fun and exciting for young learners by incorporating, activities, drama, music and art into their learning experiences, developed a love of written and oral literature in english by reading, stories to young learners, refined social skills through teamwork in class through various activities, promoted the application of knowledge and skills learned during the, school year, encouraged the young learners to develop a positive self image.

  • Job Summary Sample#9 » Supervisor:

    He Has 42 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Engineering From The Faculty of Engineering, got a Procurement in management, Finished Training as Andrew Institute training course organized, windows NT4 server, Site Master tester for RF cables and soft ware, Commission for Alcatel, worked as Supervisor:

      Full management of projects activities, building maintenance activities and road activities including bidding and subcontractors tenders evaluation, contracts awarding and contracts preparations, planning and time schedule preparation, cost analysis and cost control, resources allocation and detailed budget estimation, supervision of the construction activities, including quality control of the construction activities according to the applied codes and standards, progress, follow up with respect to the time schedule plan, project new florida project malls, police stations, mean hospital,roads, electricity station.

  • Job Summary Sample#10 » Supervisor:

    He Has 34 Years Old, Finished B.A Arts From The Faculty of Arts, Finished Training as diplome dalliance, worked as Supervisor:

      Meet the tourists at the airport and i make them feel welcome, facilatate their entry at the airport visas,luggages,then i lead them to the hotel, during the transfer, i am their guide, i begin by introduction and i talk about my country etc arriving to the hotel, i begin by giving them all the information they, would need, next day there is a meeting to discuss their program during the journey, i am always accompanying the tourists during the visits, i am responsible for their tickets and their departure details, i am always at service by being in contact with the company, i am always there trying to solve any problems would occur.

  • Job Summary Sample#11 » Supervisor:

    He Has 32 Years Old, Finished B.Sc Computer Science From The Faculty of Computer and information, Finished Training as ICDL INTENTIONAL COMPUTER DRIVE LICENSE, city and guide english course, worked as Supervisor:

      Handling a store of esq, training sales clerks in order taking procedures and customer relations techniques, determining work procedures, preparing work schedules and expediting workflow manage employee and team performance, motivates staff to meet production and donation center goals, provide new employee orientation train or provide adequate training for employees coach, counsel and motivate employees, insures retail operation is properly closed at night, to help to ensure the smooth, efficient profitable operation of the retail.

  • Job Summary Sample#12 » Supervisor:

    He Has 34 Years Old, Finished B.A Law From The Faculty of Law, Finished Training as Basic business skills acquisition BBSA, Management Development Program, worked as Supervisor:

      In charge of all store operations, direct administrative assistance in the daily operational activities, ensuring that every detail of the store reflects the axiom brand values, contributing to the agreed team quantitative sales targets, achieving the stores profit and loss targets, efficient auditing and reporting, developing the individuals within my team through a structured performance and development programmer, accountable for the stores appearance and presentation, accountable for maintaining an excellent reputation for the store and wider brand in the local community, adhering to the stores efficient administration and smooth operation, including the company wide processes and procedures, internal reporting to regional sales managers, controlling stock levels and in store marketing campaigns.

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